Bali, as the name says is known for it’s tropical vibes ,  beaches , sunsets , sunrise , water sports , pilgrimage places ,  natural sites to visit and explore, ceremonies being held glorifying Hindu culture and magnificent temples; wide variety of  handmade articrafts , souvenirs made by the locals which also work as an amazing fashion accessory . It is wearable or can be used as a decorative item depending on the type of articrafts you choose from .

Accomodation is worth living in Bali . Since Bali has numerous  properties such as hotels , beach resorts and even Villas to choose from . Stay in bali is as luxurious as it can be . Infact there are many properties that even have the facility of private pool in their rooms which is just cant be avoided at all .

And don’t forgot………..value for money is mind blowing .

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Trip Facts

  • Complimentary breakfast at Hotel Rama beach resort
  • Rama beach resort